Manuela Borghi

Since 1982 the polyphonic choir has been conducted by professor Manuela Borghi. She has a diploma at “teachers’training school”, a degree in piano at “Benedetto Marcello Conservatory” of Venice as well as diploma of music-teaching at Bologna “G. B.Martini Conservatory”. Her passion and devotion for music has made her win many national musical competitions both as solist and four hands piano. So far she has taken part in a vast number of successful performances with solo singers, as well as in trios, quartets and quintets. Currently Manuela is teaching musical education at Bazzano high school.


Former Choirmasters

It has benefitted from the direction of several choirmasters::

Alfredo Borghi


Alfredo BorghiFirst director of the choir.

Celso Ferri


Celso FerriHe was the new director after the master Borghi.

Suor Anna Maria Borghini


Suor Anna Maria BorghiniWe have minimal information, but she directed the choir in the 70's.

Maria Grazia Borghi


Maria Grazia BorghiManuela sister, he directed the choir until it is moved to Bazzano. She remained a member of the choir.