Our collaboration with Chorale Evaristo Pancaldi began in 2013 during "The annual concert for all"  in Modena, organized by Modena's citizen band Ferri with the partecipation of Rossini choral group of Modena: the event took place successfully on 18 January 2014 at Storchi Theatre with the performance of famous and impressive songs and arias taken from the Italian melodrama. It was such an enthusiastic experience for all choir members and singers that both Schola Cantorum anc Chorale Evaristo Pancaldi were encoureged to continue the activity together.

Consequently, they concerted in Medolla, Concordia, Monteveglio - Vasamoggia (Bologna) and Modena performing parts of Mozart's Requiem K 626 (Introito, Kyrie, Dies Irae, Rex Tremendae, Confutatis, Lacrimosa) as well as choral pieces by Handel and Kodaly. In that occasion Diazzi Philarmonic of Concordia partecipated to the event too. Given the grat success the event was repeated in Bologna at San Giovanni Bosco churc on Sundey 15 April 2018.







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